how does juliet react to romeo in their first meeting

Title: Juliet’s Reaction to Romeo in Their First Meeting: An Analysis

In their first meeting, Juliet exhibits a range of emotions towards Romeo. Initially, she is unaware of who he is and is frustrated with their brief and playful exchange. However, when Romeo reveals his true identity, Juliet is immediately drawn to him. She becomes bashful and nervous, and her language becomes more poetic and elevated. Their exchange is affectionate and flirtatious, and Juliet expresses a desire for Romeo to remain with her longer. Overall, Juliet’s reaction to Romeo highlights the power of love at first sight and demonstrates the intense emotions that can arise in a chance encounter.


Romeo and Juliet first meeting

Shakespeare’s most celebrated play, Romeo and Juliet, is the story of two young lovers, who come from rival families, the Montagues and the Capulets, and whose tragic end reconciles their feuding families. The play’s first meeting between Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous and romantic scenes in all of literature. This scene is crucial to the play for a variety of reasons, including the establishment of their love, the emergence of a new dynamic between the two feuding families, and the foreshadowing of their tragic end.

In this article, we will examine how Juliet reacts to Romeo in their first meeting, and how this encounter sets the tone for their future relationship. We will examine the various elements at play during their meeting, including their dialogue, body language, and the larger context in which it takes place.

Initial Reaction

Juliet and Romeo first meeting

When Romeo and Juliet first meet, Juliet is initially very standoffish towards him. It is understandable why Juliet would react this way, given the longstanding feud between her family and the Montagues, which has caused much tension and violence between the two sides. This has made it difficult for members of both families to trust each other, and Juliet is no exception. She is wary of Romeo’s intentions and what he might be planning.

Furthermore, Juliet is also aware of the fact that her parents have already arranged for her to marry someone else, a man named Paris. She is not happy about this and is likely feeling trapped and helpless. In her mind, Romeo is just another obstacle that could potentially ruin her already predetermined future.

Despite her initial reservations towards Romeo, there is still a sense of curiosity and fascination that Juliet has towards him. She is intrigued by his unusual behavior and the fact that he has crashed her family’s party uninvited. There is a sense of danger and excitement that comes with Romeo’s presence, which Juliet cannot help but find alluring.

Overall, Juliet’s initial reaction to Romeo is a mixture of standoffishness and curiosity. She is guarded and cautious, but at the same time, she is drawn to him and wants to know more about him.

The Balcony Scene

the balcony scene romeo and juliet

One of the most iconic scenes in Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet” is the balcony scene where Romeo overhears Juliet’s soliloquy professing her growing feelings for him. In this scene, we witness Juliet’s initial reaction to Romeo, and it is clear that she is drawn to him despite the family feud between the Capulets and Montagues.

The scene begins with Romeo secretly entering the Capulet’s orchard in search of Juliet. When he finally spots her on the balcony, he hides in the shadows and listens intently as she speaks her thoughts aloud. Juliet is not aware that Romeo is nearby and believes that she is alone, making her soliloquy an honest expression of her feelings.

As Romeo listens, Juliet begins to reveal her growing attraction to him, saying, “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name. Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I’ll no longer be a Capulet.” Here, she is expressing her desire for Romeo to reject his family name so that they can be together without any obstacles.

Judith Anderson, a famous Shakespearean actress, described Juliet’s reaction to Romeo as an “electrifying moment of love at first sight.” Juliet is immediately drawn to Romeo’s charm and character, despite knowing that he is a Montague.

Throughout the balcony scene, we witness a transformation in Juliet’s character. She begins as a dutiful daughter who follows her family’s wishes, but by the end of the scene, she decides to follow her heart. Juliet’s famous soliloquy ends with her calling out to Romeo, “I will say ‘good night’ till it be morrow,” indicating that she is eager to see Romeo again, and will do so whenever possible.

In conclusion, Juliet’s reaction to Romeo in their first meeting during the balcony scene is filled with passion and desire. She begins to understand the power of love, and despite the obstacles that stand between them, she is willing to fight for their relationship. The balcony scene serves as a turning point in the play, as it sets into motion a chain of events that leads to the tragic conclusion. Juliet’s emotions towards Romeo in this scene are a testament to the power of love, and how it can conquer even the strongest of obstacles.

The Capulet’s Ball

Capulet's Ball

When Juliet met Romeo at the Capulet’s ball, she was completely enamored by him. She was deeply attracted to Romeo, and it did not take them long to engage in a conversation despite them being from enemy families. Romeo and Juliet’s first conversation was an awkward one since they just met, but then they start talking about poetry and other more personal topics. They quickly formed a connection, and Juliet was smitten with Romeo.

As they talked, Juliet realized that Romeo was not like any other guy she had ever met. Romeo was charming, witty, and he treated her like a princess. She was highly impressed with his intelligence and his quick-wittedness. Juliet saw that Romeo was not like the other guys she’d met before, who were all after her money and status. Romeo treated Juliet as an equal, and he respected her intelligence.

Juliet was so taken with him that she proposed to him, which was a break from the societal norms of the time. She said, “If that thy bent of love be honorable, thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow.” This shows she was serious about starting a life with him and seeing if they can make it work. Juliet was willing to take a leap of faith with Romeo, which was bold and courageous of her.

Romeo, who was just as smitten with Juliet, was more than happy to accept her proposal. It was the start of a passionate and tumultuous love affair that would result in the tragic end of both of their lives. Juliet was so taken with Romeo that she was willing to risk everything for love, and Romeo made her feel like she was the only one that mattered in the world.

In conclusion, Juliet’s reaction to Romeo at the Capulet’s ball was profound. She was instantly attracted to him, engaged in deep and meaningful conversation, and proposed to him. Juliet was courageous enough to take a leap of faith with Romeo, which began the tragic love story between the two of them.


juliet romeo first meeting

When we first see Juliet in the play, she is being courted by Paris, whom her parents have chosen as her husband. Her nurse, who has helped to raise Juliet, urges her to meet Paris and consider his proposal, but Juliet seems unenthusiastic about the idea. It is only when she sees Romeo at a party later that evening that she is truly captivated.

Despite her initial reluctance to entertain Paris’ proposals, Juliet is still an innocent young girl who is not ready to fall in love just yet. However, when she locks eyes with Romeo for the first time, any reservations she may have had about love evaporate instantly, and she is swept up in a whirlwind romance.


juliet romeo first meeting

When Juliet first speaks to Romeo, she is immediately taken by his charm and wit. She engages him in playful banter, testing his intelligence and humor. Despite the fact that they have just met, the chemistry between them is electric, and it is clear that they are both smitten with each other.

Juliet’s first words to Romeo are imbued with a sense of excitement and anticipation. She is eager to get to know him better, and her enthusiasm is infectious. It is clear from the outset that Juliet is not a passive character; she is every bit as active in the pursuit of love as Romeo is, and this adds to the tension and excitement of their courtship.


juliet romeo first meeting

Despite her initial bravado and playfulness, Juliet is still a young girl with a lot to learn about love. As she becomes more deeply involved with Romeo, she begins to reveal her vulnerability, and we see that she is far more emotionally fragile than we might have thought at first.

This vulnerability makes their relationship all the more poignant, as we see two young lovers who are struggling to navigate the complexities of adult emotions. Juliet’s vulnerability is what makes her such a sympathetic character, and it helps to draw us into the story in a deeply emotional way.


juliet romeo first meeting

When Romeo declares his love for Juliet, she is initially hesitant to believe him. After all, they have only just met, and he is already professing his undying devotion. However, as she begins to realize the depth of his feelings, she becomes more and more convinced that they are meant to be together.

Juliet’s reaction to Romeo’s declaration of love is one of joy and disbelief. She is overjoyed that he feels the same way about her as she does about him, and she becomes more and more convinced that they are destined to be together. At the same time, she is also aware of the obstacles that stand in their way, and she knows that their love is going to be a difficult and painful journey.


juliet romeo first meeting

Despite her initial reluctance, Juliet quickly falls for Romeo in their first meeting, which sets the stage for the rest of the play. Their chemistry is electric from the moment they lock eyes, and their courtship is marked by a deep emotional intensity that captures the audience’s heart.

Juliet’s reactions to Romeo are complex and nuanced, revealing a young girl who is both brave and vulnerable, eager to explore the depths of adult emotions but also uncertain and hesitant. It is this complexity that makes her such a memorable character, and one that audiences have continued to love for centuries.

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